Welcome to the official homepage of Football Freestyler Maximilian Meyer

Max is one of the best Football Freestylers in Germany! he performs crazy tricks with a football in a spectacular show!

Watch his amazing skills here:

World Cup of artists in Moscow

Live Shows

Do you like the skills? Max has performed his Football Freestyle show in Berlin, Moscow, Sydney and Dubai for a wide variety of clients. His references include Shell, MAN, Nike and many more!

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Even more Clients

The list of clients is quite long by now, on the left you can find a selection of them. The possibilities for a Football Freestyle show are just as varied as the tricks are. Max has already performed halftime shows in the "Allianz Arena" or Gala shows for SHELL. He is experienced in all formats. His mindblowing moves aswell as his outgoing personality are a worthy addition to all kinds of events. Especially on fairs, Max is a true eye catcher and will attract clients to your stand.


Max performs for Franz Beckenbauer

Stars of Football

Max has already performed his tricks in front of many celebrities of the sport. In summer he showed his tricks to Franz Beckenbauer for Erdinger and performed with Michael Ballack at the Championsleague Final for Mastercard.




Instagram Campaign for ADIDAS

Social Media

Max is especially active on Instagram where he has created a strong following of over 40,000 fans, some of his clips getting more than 100,000 likes. With his account, Max has already worked as "influencer" for brands like Adidas, GoPro or Bitburger. On the left you see a picture of the Adidas #BeTheDifference campagne .

See for yourself:



SWR Landesschau 

SWR Landesschau 

TV appearances

Max has appeared several times on German TV, just recently in the show "Landesschau". Unfortunately the interview is only in German but you can still check out Max' personality! Just click HERE to watch the interview.


USE the Football Freestyle show that has already amazed at events of big brands like SONY or Shell and get in touch with Max: