Max the Freestyler

Since his early childhood Max has been amazed by the sport of football. Like many other kids he started to play in a local team and quickly realized that he is especially talented in the technical aspect of the sport. Even at a very young age Max could easily juggle the ball. At the age of 15 he came across some youtube videos of Freestyle Football and began practising it.

When he realized that he was quite talented in Freestyle Football he decided to train several hours on a daily basis. Tricks that have seemed impossible at the start became easy quite quickly. Through his hard work he soon became better than the guys in the video that have once motivated him to start Freestyle Football.

Max is 24 years old by now and is among the best Freestyle Football artists in Germany. Within the scene he is known to be the most technical Freestyler in Germany. He has performed his show on many national and international events. Through Freestyle Football he has already visited almost all of Europe but also countries like UAE and Australia to show his tricks. With that Max is one of the most experienced Freestylers despite his young age. 

Allthough he is so successful he never stops working on his tricks. Even today he is still practising on a daily basis to add new moves to his show.

The technical perfection of his tricks, his friendly and confident personality coupled with German reliability make Max the perfect show act for your event!



First name: Maximilian

Name: Meyer          

Date of birth: 20.03.1991

Height: 1,77m (5'8 ft) 

Weight: 73kg

Size: Medium

Hair: Blonde

Eyes: Green/Blue

City: Mannheim, Germany